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Koaching and therapy

“Give me the courage to change what I can change. Give me the serenity to accept what I cannot change. Give me the wisdom to see the difference between the two." (Francis of Assisi)

Koaching and therapy


In koaching we will look at how you can achieve a certain goal, and which steps you can take towards it. We focus more on targeted change. We will explore together what success means to you. Pursue your own goal from your core, not just making other people happy by fulfilling their goal.


In therapy we touch on deep patterns and experience how they influence your life. We'll see how you can deal with these patterns. Paradoxically, accepting the core within yourself is at the root of change.

I give Gestalt therapy in which authentic contact and physical awareness are central.


I do not know.

Only you know that.

But you may not be in touch with it now. And I can help you with that.
That's how it was with me. I lost my compass. Didn't know what
t i wanted. Or why I wanted things. Until I opened up to feel what's going on inside me. And talk about this with my coach. I discovered a strength in myself, my core, which I can even physically locate in my body. I also call it my inner fire. It is the basis of my strength, my being. There is energy, but also a direction. If I no longer know what I need, then I can go to my core, and then I feel. And then, suddenly, everything becomes obvious again.
This is also the point from which I can see things clearly.

seeing things as they are,

and choose what is right for me.

Here and now.

What is that, "my core"?

Can I find my core by myself?

​You experience the world from your own perspective. Your own view of the world makes you deal with people in a certain way. And how you look at yourself. By becoming aware of this and experiencing this consciously, it becomes clear what your impact is on your environment. In this way, from this awareness, you can try new things that will satisfy your needs even better. Your own needs. Which you have determined yourself. From your core!

Now, the way you interact with the world is based on your own emotions. Such as fear, anger, sadness and happiness. As a child, we often did not learn how to deal with these emotions optimally, so we do not recognize them. There are always things you don't see yet that come into play. Getting in touch with these emotions often feels new. And the things we are not used to, evoke resistance or we can't recognize them. This can also be exciting.

In this process I can guide you in the role of koach: that is what I want to be able to do for you. It is not the intention to become dependent on a koach or therapist. The intention is to walk a part of your path together, in order to be able to follow your own compass from your core.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching and therapy are two different things. Coaching is aimed at helping people achieve specific goals and improve their performance. Therapy is aimed at helping people deal with deeper psychological and emotional patterns.

Coaching is usually shorter than therapy and focuses on specific problems or goals. Therapy is usually longer and focuses on exploring persistent patterns and deeper psychological issues.

I followed the 4-year training to become a Gestalt therapist. The Gestalt approach lends itself to both coaching and therapy, and both aspects can be addressed in the same sessions. For me, life is a quest and exploration, in which more and more partial aspects of ourselves are given a place. In this way we become more complete and richer in experiences.


"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life ​is to give it away.”

Koaching is coaching to your core. ​

Coaching is seen as making people more successful. More successful, as in being able to do more, push boundaries, go further than you can do alone. I fundamentally agree. On one condition: that you choose the direction you want to go. From your own core.​ So for me koaching is mainly: discovering your own core and being able to connect with it. The rest goes by itself.

Therapy without pursuing change?

Nothing should change. Nothing has to. What can help is that you gain insight into what exactly is going on. That's all. Bringing things into awareness, becoming aware of your needs, the way you interact with others and the impact of this. Then change often occurs from within.

It's not about being "balanced all the time". It is about trying to make the right choice at every moment. For what you yourself need and can give yourself in alignment with what the environment needs and can give to you.

​“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”​
(Carl Rogers)


"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy"



We often want to understand what is going on inside us. We want to be able to give words to it, in order to achieve meaning in that way. We often hit a wall with this, not everything can be grasped immediately. Then a more body-oriented approach helps.

Through the breath you can gain insight into things that are happening within yourself, without having to understand it immediately. It can help you get a clear picture of what's going on right now. It can touch deeper layers. It can help you with physical complaints, or if you feel stuck somewhere in your body, relationship or job. In a breathing session we follow the language of the body. Our thinking, our nervous system, our emotions, our full being comes to life.

Understanding ourselves sometimes implies letting go and surrendering to the process. And often afterwards the meaning emerges.

Klaas, why are you the best koach or therapist for me?

I do not know. Maybe I'm not. I don't know you, and you don't know me. That is why a personal contact is necessary to feel this. In a personal conversation we can experience each other, experience each other. Is there a click? Because that's really important.
You can read a bit about me in Hey Klaas, who are you?

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