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My name is Klaas Bals

I have a background as CTO and CEO of a family owned software company, which was sold several years ago. I followed a 4-year training as a Gestalt therapist. I am now active as a therapist and coach where I help people (mostly business leaders or managers) to live life in a connected way. Connected to their own core and from their core also to people around them.

In addition, I am also involved in organizational development as a facilitator and I sit on boards of directors and advisory boards. Finally, I am involved in impact investing as an investor and as part of the investment committee of an impact fund.

The common thread through all of this is real contacts with real people who show themselves and want to develop.

Professional foreground​

  • Gestalt therapist and coach

  • External director and advisor (profit & non-profit).

  • Impact investor and member of the investment committee of an impact fund

Professional background

  • Education Mathematics Sciences 8 hours, Master in Informatics

  • CTO and CEO of an enterprise software company

  • As a son-in-law in an organically growing family business (from 6 to 60 employees with a turnover of 7 million euros)

  • Involved in the sales process of the company

  • Active in standardization organization W3C and co-author of IBM Redbook Linux on iSeries

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