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KOA is Japanese for core, center, axis through the middle, heart. The name comes from my experience that you can get in touch with yourself by going to your core.

From contact with your core you enter into a sustainable equal connection with the world and you inspire people to make the connection with themselves.

We go through this process together.

Who are you? For you as...

As a human organism, you fulfill your role in organizations, which are by definition organic and dynamic. You do this together with other human organisms.

You as a parent or child within a family, you as a leader or employee of a team, you as an investor or founder in a company, you on a board of directors, and so on. Really get to know yourself, grow as a person and integrate different roles in your life from your own core.

What customers experience

"I am the founder of a climate tech start-up and know Klaas through a network of entrepreneurs. Klaas advises us as a company to grow sustainably, based on his own entrepreneurial experience. In addition, Klaas personally coaches me to grow as a leader of to find and maintain a team and a balanced work-life balance What I personally appreciate very much in the collaboration with Klaas is the “safe space” he creates to name things as they are on an equal footing, in complete openness and trust be or feel."

Kenneth Van Den Bergh, Founder and CEO, Carbon+Alt+Delete

The core of what I do


I have been lucky enough to experience different extremes in my life. Programmer, CTO and CEO of a technology company, son-in-law in a family business, unemployed, therapist, investor, father, married and divorced... With my background I get in touch with you as a human being with your own experiences, we meet and explore what then arises. I guide the process and strive for an equal and reciprocal contact, without one of us having to be bigger or smaller than the other. This often leads to connection. Connection between us and connection with yourself and connection with the people around you.

Sometimes this is on a deeply therapeutic and personal level, other times it is as tactical guidance or business advice. Sometimes as a therapist or coach, as an external director, as a member of an investment committee or as an investor. Always based on authenticity to meet current needs.


What do I have to offer?


As a coach and therapist, I help you to get to know yourself better. yourself as an individual, entrepreneur or changemaker and to go out into the world from there. 


As an impact investor, I can help you with the necessary funds to provide your impact company with the necessary oxygen and thus improve the world. I am also available for other impact investors.


Governing Bodies

As an external director, external advisor or in an investment committee, I use my background to benefit your objectives within the greater whole.

Get to know me

First read a bit about my background or contact me for an introductory meeting.


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