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My behind the scenes story

About me personally

Therapy is a personal process in which the click with the therapist is an essential part. That's why I'm writing a little more about myself here, on a more personal level, in my own handwriting. 

What am I?

I am a collection of atoms, made up of energy, organized into the body that I am. At the same time I am also the process that takes place at the contact border with the people around me.

I am constantly changing, and constantly looking for what I need. At the same time I also need other people and therefore I also have to give the others what they need. 

Parents and children

Many years ago I was brought into the world by my mother and father. As a child I was very attracted to technology. I really liked the predictability.

This was in contrast to the sometimes unpredictable of my subconscious emotional experience. 

My parents raised me with much love and care, as best they could. Obviously they couldn't meet all my needs, which made me feel alone at times.

Each of them didn't have an easy time during their childhood, so now, after an internal and external struggle, I've really found peace with it.

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My father let me experience nature. Especially the trips to Sweden inspired me. As a young person, sailing to an island in a canoe, sleeping independently in a tent and lighting a fire. This is where my love for nature started, which is always there for me. Nature feels like an inexhaustible energy to me. Bigger than myself, where I can let myself carry me when I can't carry myself alone for a while. And I am part of nature. Nature has a spiritual dimension for me.

My father also taught me to feel and direct my inner energy.

Studies and second family

With my passion for technology and sciences, I studied Computer Science at the University of Antwerp after my Mathematics-Sciences degree, where I met my future wife. Together we brought 2 sons into the world who are now teenagers. Through her I came into contact with her father, who became a second father figure to me. My plan was to do a PhD after my studies, but he convinced me to start in his company right away. Then we were with 7 employees. Years later, my father-in-law gave me a share of the shares, as if I were his son. I am very grateful to him for that.

He saw the entrepreneur in me and helped me develop it.



I started as a developer, and after a while I became responsible for the development team and became CTO, also shaping the company's strategic technology vision. In the last couple of years I led the company as CEO, managing the then 60 employees. My belief has always been that the growth of a company is only possible if the employees also grow personally. I felt involved in their evolution. Being able to help these people grow gave me a lot of energy.

I discovered my passion for people.

Difficult decisions

And yet... I was asking myself existential questions about the life I was leading. I worked with a coach (Gestalt therapist) to gain insight into myself. It became clear to me that my role in that environment at that time was no longer good for me. My energy balance was negative: I put in more energy than I took out. This was chronic, and therefore a real problem. After fighting for a while, I went out into nature and made some tough decisions.   


Personal development

I stopped my active role in the company and ended my 20 year relationship. I did a lot of personal development. Meditation, breathwork, therapy, coaching, psychedelics, sweat lodges, group work, vipassana, ... I got to know myself and accepted it better and better.

When I sold the company I became financially independent. I had thought that I would feel free after the "money in my account". The opposite was true. I suddenly felt responsible and was aware of what I could lose.

For a while I wanted nothing more to do with business. Over time I discovered that there is a role for me there. As a connector of people and organizations. To make the world a better place for our children.


About me professionally

My name is Klaas Bals

Above you will find a more personal, philosophical and a bit of a spiritual view of myself.On this other page I tell more about myself in a professional context at a high level.

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